12 days of KitchenAid

This Christmas I’ve decided to take an annual family tradition to the next level. Every year my family, like I’m sure yours too, cooks around the Holidays. However, our cooking is a little different. There’s not one person in my family who doesn’t have a sweet tooth. So that means lots of desserts. We started a tradition a few years ago that when the kids (ok adult kids) come into town, we bake cookies. Last year we had so many cookies, we covered multiple tables and filled containers. We have such a great time spending time with each other and experimenting with new recipes.

This year, I’m stepping it up. I got a KitchenAid mixer a few months ago and let me tell you, this thing CHANGED my baking for the better. I don’t know what I would do without trusty Willow (yes, she has a name) and her sister Stach! Willow is the blue KitchenAid and belongs to me. Stach is the green (pistachio color) mixer and belongs to my step mom. They will become regulars in photos over the next few weeks! So this year, I’ve decided to start a blog on my 12 Days of Christmas with my KitchenAid journey. Each day will be a new dessert, new recipes and tons of pictures. I really hope you enjoy this journey with me.

And remember, never leave the kitchen with a clean apron!

photo (2)

photo (4)

5 thoughts on “12 days of KitchenAid

  1. Share the kitchen aid love..yes I’ll take one of your hands. Ps- we will also be accepting desert donations. Ty

  2. ok so one of these aren’t mine but I am taking advantage of being able to use them both!! Can never have too make KitchenAid products!!

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