December 2012 Challenge

In December, I completed the first of many monthly challenges to come.  Thinking of new things to do and being able to actually check fun things off my to do list has been personally rewarding.  ~Could be the endorphins from running 🙂

If you considered doing your own challenge, DO IT!  Post a comment of your 4 items and get started today!  If you think this is another New Year’s Resolution thing… it’s not!  It’s a personal challenge that you complete in 30 days.  And you will!

Here are my December Challenge topics:

#1 Run again! 


#2 Join a book club – First book – The Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell (Awesome book!)

Click on the book below to get to Amazon.

the outliers

#3 Participate in the YMCA’s Angel Tree Gifts by providing gifts to underprivileged kids for Christmas

#4 Perform car maintenance (oil change, wash, wipers, replace lights, etc)

Tima (name of my Altima) reached 100,000 miles this month!  I got her with less than 500 miles in December 2006… we had some great years!  Here’s to the next 100k!

tima 100k

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