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What are you passionate about?  It’s easy to think that if you’re passionate about something, you will stay interested in it right?  Well I think you have to KEEP interested in it.  Being passionate about something can be explained as being in a good relationship.  If you look around at couples who are genuinely passionate about each other, they will tell you that they are more in love and interested in each other today than when they first met.  So it’s not enough to just be passionate, you have to keep interested in that thing to live it out.

For me, it’s running (ok this is just one thing, I have others, but I will talk about running now).  I have always been passionate about running but until recently, it wasn’t a part of my life for a while.  I havehad to get tremendously interested in it again.  With daily “stuff,” time, work, stress, life, we can easily lose sight of our passions.  Passions drive us to be better and live happier.  So my New Year’s Resolution is to find my passions and keep tremendously interested in those things.

Self Evaluation: What do I need to keep tremendously interested?

  • Goals– Set a goal(s).  Maybe it’s a new outfit after running 20 miles or beating a time.
  • Write it down – Or start a blog!
  • Accountability– Recruit friends to join you.  No one ever did anything alone.
  • Share your passions find someone to help.  Maybe it’s coach a youth running camp?

On December 31st, my best friend Leah (Accountability) and I did the Vystar Gator Bowl 5k.  The weather was absolutely beautiful in downtown Jax along the river and the company was even better. 🙂  I was sporting my new running gear (Goals) and now I can share it with you (whoever you may be).

We definitely didn’t plan this matching thing we had going on but we have been best friends since 2nd grade 🙂

Gator Bowl Cassie Leah

So I set a PR since I started running again and that only means I have more runs to do to get faster.  Something about beating my pacer on my Garmin that excites me.

Gator Bowl Cassie Gator Bowl time

Find your passion and keep tremendously interested in it!

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