A Walk in the Dog Park

I bought a Groupon for visits to Dog Wood Park.  I have never been to a dog park before and let me tell you, this could be is, THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH (seriously).  If you have never been to a dog park, please go!  Dog Wood Park is definitely Disney World for dogs.  Last weekend I went to the dog park with Tiny…

Meet Tiny – a 7 month of mutt with a ton (A TON) of energy.  She’s 1/2 Lhasa Apso, 1/4 Dachshund and 1/4 American Terrier.

Dog Park Tunnel2

It was Tiny’s first time at the dog park too.  Was she scared?…

Dog Park Tunnel

NO WAY!  She was great with all the dogs and people.  I learned she likes to chase, doesn’t care to be chased, and CAN SWIM (thanks goodness!).

Dog Park Tiny

After a few hours of playing with the other dogs, eating more treats than she should have had, swimming, rolling, chasing, chewing, etc, we headed home…

Dog Park Sleep

Within 5 minutes of driving… Tiny was sound asleep!  Productive day? I think YES!  AW-SOME day!

It was so great to see Tiny playing and running not on a leash.  Now I can’t wait for my next trip to the dog park!

2 thoughts on “A Walk in the Dog Park

  1. You had to pay for a dog park?!?! I’ve never heard of that! Jacksonville is weird. I love reading you posts though!

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