wine and cookies

Cookies – Beach – Pool – Book – Baking – Biking – Wine

Well this weekend was SUCH a great weekend.  Let me say that again… such a great weekend!  Having lived in Florida my whole life, I think I’m a little spoiled when it comes to the weather.  So great weather has high standards in my book.   This is the second weekend in a row when Saturday has been A-Mazing!  So… what does a girl do on a beautiful Saturday? 

Hit the BEACH (After a cycle class and CXWORX class at the Y)!  First time in a long time I’ve been to the beach.  Relaxing. RejuvenatingReflecting. Enough said.


Today, I read more of my book club book, “Swamplandia!”.  This is the first time I’ve actually opened a book for the club.  I’ve been so crunched for time, I’ve been listening to book on tape while driving to and from work (although a GREAT use of time I must say). 


Of course, the best place to open a book… on the pool deck (right?!)!


Picked up some bananas, tomatoes and a Redbox at Publix…. on my BIKE!  (yes, pulled out the bike this weekend to get ready for the KATIE RIDE!)


Ended the day with oatmeal chocolate chip cookies + wine (adult cookies + milk?). (yes, still in my post pool, post bike, pre shower ensemble… should have squeezed a shower in there)

wine and cookies cassie

Now on to the movie, The Lucky One, with my second glass of wine.  Been wanting to see this for a long time. 🙂

I hope you and your family and friends had a awesome weekend too.  What was your favorite part of yours?

Life is good great!

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