37 miles. Let’s Ride!

ride breakfast

Since I signed up for the Katie Ride, I’ve been looking forward to putting some miles on my bike.  Today was my first ride of the year ever!  The plan was to cycle around Green Cove Springs, learn the rules  of the road, tips for an effective ride and ride for 22 miles.  I started out with a hearty breakfast; banana, organic oatmeal with flax seeds and blueberries and black coffee.  My dad was the leader so I got to draft the whole time.  Drafting is when you get within inches of the back wheel of the person in front of you to take advantage of aerodynamics, going faster and it’s easier.  For more information on drafting, click here.

We stopped a few times for water, tips and stretching.  The weather was absolutely perfect!  mid 60s, sunny with just a little bit of wind on some stretches.  My dad was so excited about some “treats” he had for me.  I should have know that if he is sharing any “treats” they can’t be real treats (aka- sugary, chocolatey goodies).  So here comes the first “treat”…. a HILL!  Yes, Florida does have hills.  We had a few treats along the ride but they were definitely great for training.  We averaged about 16 mph during the ride and I clocked just over 31 at my fastest (down hill of course).


My gear wasn’t the best, but it was definitely good.  I road my hybrid bike which doesn’t have clips so I didn’t wear my cycle shoes.  My cycle shoes are awesome because I can get the full revolution, push and pull, on the pedals.  (These are a must have and I highly recommend them to anyone who does cycle classes at least once a week.)  My odometer was working (the only one in the group that did) and the whole ride just felt great.

We came across a few decision points were I had to decide what route to take.  Around mile 10, I decided 22 just wouldn’t be enough, so 30 was on the horizon. At 20, I decided I wanted to go as far as I would be riding in the Katie Ride, 36 miles.  So that was the goal, 36 miles!  36 miles (I thought to myself, am I serious?!)!  I had never even done 6 miles on the road!

Around mile 30, I was really starting to feel my legs getting tired.  Knowing we only had 6 left had to get home somehow, I pushed along strong until the end…. 37.11 miles to be exact!  2 hours and 22 miles!

ride distance

After my first ride of the year ever, I was excited to have breakfast for dinner…. oven baked french toast!  mmmm it was DELICIOUS!

frenchtoast baked

Now I am thinking that I may want to ride the 62 miles route for the Katie Ride!

What do you think of road cycling?  How does it compare to indoor cycling?

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