January Jamboree 5k

January Jamboree sunrise

Sunrises could be are one of my favorite things.  This was what started my Saturday!  Sunrises (and sets) are so calming and make me stop and think about how amazing this life is!  I wish this was what I could see every morning.

Yesterday was the January Jamboree 5k benefiting the Y.  The weather couldn’t have been better!  It was about 55 degrees when the race started.  Since it was only 3.1 miles, I decided to make this a pace race test.  I wanted to see if I could run with at least a 7:45 mile.  And… drum roll please…

3 miles  –  22:40  –  7:33 pace!

January Jamboree stats January Jamboree time

55 degrees was chilly (Florida native here!) so I did some research on what to where in different temperatures.  I decided to wear shorts and a light long sleeve shirt.  It was perfect for me but I would have been ok with a t-shirt too.  Here’s what the experts say:

  • 60 degrees +: tank top or singlet and shorts
  • 50-59 degrees: T-shirt and shorts
  • 40-49 degrees: long sleeved T, shorts or tights or wind pants, sock or mittens and gloves
  • 30-39 degrees: long sleeved T and T-shirt, tights and shorts, socks or mittens or gloves, and hat over ears
  • 20-29 degrees: Polypro top or thick long sleeved T, another T-shirt layer, tights and shorts, mittens or gloves, and hat over ears.

Anything colder than that is just too crazy!  But, if you are one of the few, click here for more info.

I ran with my co-worker, Amy.  It was really a great run and guess what… I set another PR!!  I’m giving all my PR credit to #1 – yoga the night before, #2 our pacer who ran just ahead of us the whole time and #3 – the FSCJ tennis team girls who tried to pass us a few times but couldn’t (I might be slightly  am competitive)! 🙂

January Jamboree C and A

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