So that’s what sore abs feel like!?

Why hello stomach muscles!  Where have you been?  Buried below the cupcakes?  Well welcome back!  Why do you have to come back with a vengeance?  Yes, I am still sore, 3 days later!!  (note: I do not have abs, never have, never will.  But everyone has stomach muscles somewhere down there so I hope you can relate!)

3 days ago I did an ab circuit which took about 10 minutes.  This circuit consisted of different core exercises that targeted the upper, lower and obliques.  Between sets, push ups are incorporated to raise the heart rate and work the chest.  The unstable surface of the bosu really engages the abs through the entire circuit.  The circuit should be altered based on your ability and please consult a personal trainer or doctor before taking any of my tips.  I am not a certified trainer, just a fitness enthusiast and would love to share some things I enjoy (if you consider being sore for 3 days enjoyment).

  • Equipment: 1 bosu ball; mat, if needed
  • Time: 10 minutes
  • Playlist: “Stronger” Kanye West; “T.H.E.”; “Here I Come” Fergie

bosu abs


  • Keep your abs engaged the entire time to protect your back.
  • Try to keep moving to keep your heart rate up; reaping the benefits of circuit training.
  • Slow, controlled movement will help you focus on completing each move correctly.
  • Use the mat to do push ups on your knees, if needed.

ab set

Tomorrow – round 2!

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