Fondant, Flamingos & a Fire Pit

fun with fondant5

Whenever my stepmom throws a party, she really throws a party!  This weekend we celebrated a big year for her sister with a SURPRISE party full of food, fondant and flamingos… oh and a fire pit!

fun with fondant2

The surprise was a GREAT success!  The food was simply amazing.  I can’t take any credit for that but I did help with the cake!  The filling is the berry filling a made a few days ago.  The frosting is the yummy buttercream frosting I made over Christmas.  Click here for filling and here for frosting.  Since it was a big year, we used black fondant to make the cake look like a present and put a bow on top.  (note: we attempted to make a fondant bow but after an unsuccessful attempt, we bought one instead) We rolled fondant balls for the bottom and put candied beads and crazy candles for decor.  Notice the flamingo?!

This was the first time I’ve worked with fondant.  Clearly, I need a lot of practice!!

fun with fondant1

The cake was a HUGE hit.  Everyone loved the decorations and said the cake was delicious.  Frosting was “one of the best they’ve ever had!”  I’m just glad we didn’t have any left over because I may go into a sugar coma!

fun with fondant6

Another highlight of the night was a fire pit on the porch!  It’s more like a fire chimney but it’s the same thing.  So tonight, I am embracing the relatively cold weather (sorry northerners, this is why I said relatively!!) and making s’mores!

smore fun

Friday I started 30 days of intentional workouts to gear up for the River Run.  I couldn’t stop on day two so I started the day off with an intense 1 hour cycle class.  I LOVE cycle classes.  Each class is a little different workout, some focusing on strength, others speed and endurance, but in all of them I sweat like crazy and burn calories!

Day 2/30 – Cycle Class + party prep (preparing for a party is a ton of work and definitely beats sitting around doing nothing on a Saturday! I’m counting it as part of getting in shape)

Day 3/30 – Rest + Recover – Today I took off to recover from the 6 mile run Friday and super intense cycle class on Saturday.  Oh and recovering from the party!! I was able to catch up on a book Swamplandia! take a nap on the porch and pick up my bike from getting a tune up!

tune up1tune up

What was the highlight of your weekend?  Did you make any food worth sharing?  What’s your favorite workout?

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