January 2013 Challenge


Calamari. Salmon. Crab Cakes. French Bread…. If you have been following my blog, you may remember the monthly challenge I am doing with 2 coworkers.  Well, we completed month #2 last month and it was definitely harder for me than December!  Here’s where I ended the month:

Do something you’ve never done before: I’m a creature of habit.  I like schedules and sticking with routines and what I know.  So for this one, I have been really wanting to explore new restaurants so I committed to a new restaurant each week!

Restaurant #1Zaharias Restaurant & Lounge St. Augustine FL – I went here on January 1st and got a chicken salad sandwich for lunch.  I’ve been in this chicken salad crave the past few months and like trying different recipes.  This was a good recipe but I still like Village Bread Cafe’s better.  This is a Greek/Italian restaurant on the island. I ate outside and enjoyed the beautiful Florida sunshine.  This place wins for relaxing weekend dining.


Restaurant #2 – JJ’s Bistro de ParisJacksonville, FL – JJ’s Bistro is a little French restaurant with all the ambiance of Paris!  I got a grilled shrimp caesar salad but didn’t care too much for the dressing.  Loved the dessert menu and they had a great wine selection – both of which I passed on at lunch. This place wins for cute lunch place of the month!

Restaurant #3III Forks Steakhouse and SeafoodJacksonville, FL – OMGoshhhh  III Forks was definitely worth [almost] every penny we spent.  I went with a few ladies from work for dinner and if I ever get the chance to go back, I will.  I got the salmon and it was cooked and seasoned to perfection!  It came with asparagus that was cooked in butter and other yummy stuff.  We definitely indulged with a glass of wine and celebrating one of the ladies’ birthday.  The downfalls would be that the dessert wasn’t that great and the service was well interesting.  This place wins for best (probably only) fine dining of the month year!


Restaurant #4Corner Bistro & Wine Bar Jacksonville, FL – I bought a Groupon a few weeks ago for $20 for $40 of food and drinks at Corner Bistro.  Since I knew I wanted to try new places, I took advantage of this one (and so my Groupon problem continues).  I went to Corner Bistro for dinner before a church service.  Since we were crunched for time, we just ordered appetizers… 4 to be exact!  – crab cakes, fried calamari, lettuce wraps and lobster bisque.  And… everything was pretty good.  The crab cakes were amazing and the chicken lettuce wraps had a nice kick to them.

Do something for someone else/do something philanthropic:  Girls on the Run is an organization I am definitely an advocate for.  I have been trying to get back to coaching but the timing hasn’t worked out.  So I made it a point to figure out how to get involved again.  So, I met with some staff at a local YMCA and will be coaching on Saturdays in the fall!!!  Contract has been signed and we are really to go!  I can’t wait!!

Do something you haven’t done in a while but want to:  For this category, I choose to keep my computer at work for an entire weekend… successful?  YES!  It was definitely tougher than I thought it would be but also refreshing!  I’m working on the whole work/life balance and this was definitely a start in the right direction!

Do something that has been on the to do list for months/around the house: What I had in this category for the month was to get some clothes altered that I have been putting off for a long long time.  Well, I am deferring this to February!! 

With February being a short month, oh and that we are already 10 days in, I’m really going to have to kick it in gear!  This is not supposed to be a stressful challenge and in fact, it’s supposed to be rejuvenating and give you a sense of accomplishment when each category is complete.  I’m definitely excited about what I’ve accomplished and am sticking with it!

Have you been motivated to challenge yourself?  What are some of those things you challenging yourself with?

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