Celebrate Life: 5k, nails and cookies

celebrate lifeSaturday was the 8th annual Celebrate Life 5k at the Johnson Family YMCA.  I thought I could celebrate the fact that I live in Florida and we would have beautiful March weather…. well the weather was beautiful but a little on the chilly side!  38 degrees at 7:00 in the morning!  For some, this is perfect weather… for me… this is COLD

According to Jeff Galloway, 40-49 degree weather means long sleeve T, shorts or tights or wind pants, sock or mittens and gloves.  Click here for more info.  So I wore gloves, long sleeve top, capri pants and a headband that covers my ears.  The bonus was my not-so-athletic sunglasses because they kept the wind out of my eyes!

My stretch goal was to run a 7:30 mile pace.  This would definitely be a record if I could do it.  Besides feeling cold the whole run, I really did feel great and was staying on pace.  I ended the run in 3rd place!  Time was 24:30…. 7:26 pace.  I ACTUALLY DID IT! 

So what do you do after you break another PR??  Well, I reward myself, of course.  The day’s agenda included a mani-pedi with my best friend.  I choose the color “hot n spicy” by OPI because this matches my running shirt I’m wearing next week for the River Run…. correction… in 6 DAYS!!!!


When I think of March I think of a few things…. day light savings, spring weather, the beach, spring break and GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!  I have huge weaknesses for #1 cookies, #2 chocolate and #3 good causes.  When these 3 are combined you get girl scout cookies… and my money!

celebrate life2

When did cookies go from $3 to $3.50 to $4?  When did the box get smaller and the calories get larger?  These questions might always be a mystery but what’s not a mystery is that I love LOVE them!  My top 2 favorite (because who says you can only have 1 favorite) are thin mints and samoas.  I only bought 1 box of thin mints <so far>.  Of the two packs of cookies in this box, I can honestly say, one is gone! 

Do you have What is your favorite Girl Scout Cookie? What do you do to treat yourself?

Hope you had a great weekend!  Here’s to the first week of March!

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