Ran out of road before the playlist ended!

Gate CassieToday was the BIG day!!  The 2013 Gate River Run… 15 k of sidewalk, highway, cobblestones, grated bridges and cement.  I woke up at 5:15am to finish my laundry (I was down to 1 good sock.  It lost its brother at some point and all my other running socks were dirty.  Well, not real “running socks” but the ones I like to wear when I run) and get in the zone!  This was totally in my head, but I drank some emergen-c, took a halls defense, had a cutie and prepared for a sore body with some Advil!

I’ve never taken any goo, protein bars, etc but I wanted to try some this time to step up my run and finish without feeling sick or groggy the rest of the day.  I got PowerBar Energy Blasts in Strawberry Banana and Raspberry flavors.  I must say, these are very yummy.  Tastes like candy!  The instructions say to eat 1-3 gummies (size of a quarter) every 10 minutes if working out for more than an hour.  I put these in a font pocket of my running skirt and had these every few songs before water stops.  After talking to some runners, I think I also need some salt tablets too!  I sweat like crazy and have this nice little salt ring on my face… not very cute but it’s true…

Gate EnergyGate Cutie

Cuties might be for kids, but this one was delicious and perfect for me!  Extra vitamin C, please!

I have to side step here to talk about the weather…  Another reason why I love Florida – March 9, 2013 – mid-50s sun shining, not  a cloud in sight… perfect running anything weather! 

Gate Weather

I was seeded in the first wave (first 5,000) for the first year and I must say, being seeded makes a world of a difference!  I hit mile 1 around 8:30 and didn’t run into crowds (aka other sweaty people) at all.  The spectators were pumped, the water stops were spaced out perfectly and the random signs along the route were funny.  One that sticks said “6 miles to go!”This was at mile 6… I actually laughed out loud thinking yeah right, there’s only 3 miles left, I so got this!  Thank you random stranger for the sign!!

The best part of my race was definitely my playlist… All these songs pumped me up EVERY step of the way!  PS- don’t judge me… I have a very strange mixture of girly girl, rock, old stuff, new stuff and everything that’s loud.

  1. Gonna Make You Sweat
  2. The Distance – Cake (how appropriate, right!?!)
  3. Party Rock Anthem
  4. Here I Come
  5. I Love It
  6. Stronger
  7. Firework
  8. Turn Me On
  9. Call Me Maybe
  10. Run Like Hell
  11. Just the Way You Are
  12. T.H.E.
  13. Teenage Dream
  14. Give Me Everything
  15. Tonight
  16. Domino
  17. What Makes You Beautiful
  18. Scream & Shout
  19. Raise Your Glass
  20. We Are Never Getting Back Together
  21. Clumsy
  22. Immigrant Song
  23. One Way or Another

Best part about this playlist is that I DIDN”T GET TO FINISH IT… Why you wonder?  Because I ran out of road before the playlist ended!!  And I set a PR for the Gate!  1:14:30, 8 minute pace!  This was my stretch goal and I did it!!  I finished 34 in my age group and 1543 overall.  This put me in the top 10% of women finishers and I got a cool hat! 🙂

Gate Finish

Definitely successful race!  Do I see a half in my near future???  Before I get to ambitious, I need to start training for the Katie Ride!

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