Brownies & Milk; hump day essentials


Happy hump day everyone!! This week (ok the past 3 days) have been a few of the longest days in a while. Here’s the low down:
Workouts – too few and too short
Sleep – or lack of
Work – exciting but busy (can anyone say hello 3:30am yesterday?)
Eating – Mexican + sugary goodness + chocolate + coffee + diet coke = nutritionist nightmare
Weather – COLD (that ground hog was wrong!)

Good news is that I’ve had the best little companion this week. A four legged friend who loves to play fetch! Also, only 2 days until the weekend and even though it has been cold, it has been the most beautiful cold days yet. So I’m really not negative Nancy but want to prove a point. You see, sometimes milk and cookies (or brownie cups in this case) really do make things better.

So don’t be shy – grab that emergency stash of boxed brownies (nothing wrong with the efficient baker), mix it up, only bake one brownie cup, or two, 🙂 pour a glass of milk and enjoy every bite.

One thought on “Brownies & Milk; hump day essentials

  1. Everything will eventually pass! Agreed- sometimes you just need some good old fashioned sugar! One (or two) won’t hurt you in the long run!

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