A not-your-typical-lasagna pesto lasagna

pesto lasagna3I love LOVE pasta of all types.  Italian is probably my favorite food type.Ever.  I could eat pizza, pasta and bread everyday.Seriously.  Me in Italy would probably be like a kid in a candy store.  The problem downside less-than-perfect-issue with Italian food is that it’s so heavy.  There’s always a ton of heavy sauces (that are yummy), juicy meats (that are tasty) and carbs that could will make you go into a carb coma.

Naturally, I love lasagna.  I love meat lasagna, veggie lasagna and now I love pesto lasagna!  This recipe comes from Bethenny Frankel with a few tweaks of my own.  Click here for her recipe. 🙂

The thing I like most about this recipe is that there is NO MEAT SAUCE!  After a long week of not working out, I wanted to make a yummy complete meal that wasn’t super heavy.  And voila… pesto lasagna with pine nuts!

pesto lasagna4

Mix 15 oz part skim ricotta cheese, 1/4 cup pine nuts, 1/4 cup basil and 1/4 cup parsley in a medium bowl. 

pesto lasagna5

Cook 9 whole wheat lasagna noodles according to the package.  In a 9×13 dish, spread two spoonfuls of pesto spread on the bottom.  Place 3 cooked noodles on the bottom of the pan.  Spread half of the ricotta mixture over the noodles.  Sprinkle with a small layer of mozzarella cheese.

pesto lasagna

Layer with 3 more noodles.  Spread 2 spoonfuls of pesto on the noodles and remaining ricotta mixture.  Top with 3 more noodles, pesto spread and 1 cup  part skim mozzarella cheese.

pesto lasagna1

Bake covered at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.  Remove foil and bake another 10 minutes until cheese is bubbly.

pesto lasagna2

I must be honest.  This is better served for a girls’ night dish.  I’ve tested this on 3 guys in the family and they seem to think meat, sauce and thick cheese when it comes to lasagna.  I appreciate the lighter, flavorful options!! 

If you give this recipe a try, please let me know how it goes!  Do you have any healthy Italian dishes?

Bon Appetite!

2 thoughts on “A not-your-typical-lasagna pesto lasagna

  1. Oh lala! That looks great! I love me some pesto! I’ve been wanting to make a butternut squash and sage lasagna!

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