Silver Linings


My heart is in Boston.  The news seems to depict the bad and ugly before the good.  I debated wathcing the news beacause I didn’t want to watch all the depressing feeds.  We will probably never know the whys but we can learn the whats, the whos and the hows.  But the truth is, watching the news or not, my mind and heart is in Boston.

Reading Facebook posts yesterday morning, I long for the day I get to run a half marathon or maybe even a full!  I dream about the runner’s high, sore muscles and the feel of accomplishing something like that. Last night and this morning I pray for healing, for peace, for answers and for each and every life affected by the tragedy. I just think about the runners and their families who have trained for this day for such a tragedy to occur. Then I think about the silver linings that the news pointed out. I wasn’t expecting the news to address silver linings but they did, and I’m glad.

Silver linings of the Boston tragedy- #1 Boston is a city with the most of the best hospitals in the world. #2 the accident happened within feet of EMT and other medical personnel ready to help runners with cramps and dehydration but instead became a triage center within seconds.

So what can we do now?

1 Pray.  Everyone (unbelievers included) seeks God in a time of tragedy.  The interviews of people said they didn’t know what to do but pray.  Do you know where you’re going? God says “I am way, the truth, and the light.” John 14:6

2 – Serve. We live in a society that does not lack volunteer service. So many people stepped up to serve people in need. What are you doing? Get involved in changing lives.

3 – Donate. Donate blood. It’s a precious thing that can’t be created in a lab. When was the last time you gave up 20 minutes of comfort to save lives?  Don’t hesitate when it comes to saving lives.

4 – Live.  We only get one life to live out our passions and dreams. Are you living you full capacity or letting life pass you by?  Find what your passionate about and share that with others.


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