First Ride was a Raining Ride!

KR dad and cassYesterday I completed my very first bike race ever.  It was incredible! incredibly wet!  It was one of the most fun, challenging events I’ve ever done.  I woke up at 4:30am to the sound of rain, a lot of rain.  We left at 5:45am to head to Fernandina Beach, FL for the Katie Ride with a light rain.  When we arrived, it was about 55 degrees and still a light rain.  There were so many people who were supporting the Katie Caples Foundation and ready to ride/walk in the rain! 

The ride started at 8am when the announcer said “anyone who was planning on doing the 62-mile or 100-mile should really consider only doing the 36-mile ride because the weather is going to get worse.”  Going to get worse?!  YIKES!

So off we road! We found a group of riders with a good pace and followed them to the turnaround/break point.  We  averaged about 20 mph and I thought the ride was going great.  Despite the little wind, the constant light rain, the spray from the riders in front of me and the chilly weather, I really really enjoyed the ride.  I must be weird, right?  Who would like that?  Well I did!! 

At the turn around for the 36 (I was glad my dad and I agreed to only be crazy for 36 miles…) we refueled and dried off a little… ok I just cleaned my sunglasses water glasses.

KR race picsThe last half of the ride was tough, really tough.  The wind was against us the whole ride and the rain got worse.  But we pedaled strong.  At 8 miles to the finish, we saw signs that said 8 miles to lunch.  A mile later 7 miles to go, 6 miles finish strong, 5 miles to … and you get the point.  These made me laugh but they were the longest miles of the ride!

We finished at 2:22 with an average speed of 15.6.  Not to shabby for the conditions!  Since I raised over $500 for the foundation, I got a cool Katie Ride jersey and water bottle!

KR jersey

By the time we ended our ride, the temperature had dropped a few degrees!  Luckily I had a change of clothes in the car so off went the wet, really wet and muddy everything.  We had a great lunch from Carrabba’s, coffee to warm up and then hit the road home!

KR sigh

I’m reading “The Interestings” by Meg Wolitzer for my book club.  I got 2 pages read and fell asleep… The book is supposed to be really good so me falling asleep is no judgement on the book, just how tired I was from the ride! 

I ended the day celebrating my ride with a little treat

KR post race

Did you ride this weekend?  What do you do in not-so-great weather?

Happy weekend everyone!

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