Getting Stronger & Forgetting Mascara

You know those girls who wear their hair down at the gym, “glisten” as they walk on the treadmill while chatting with their friend or a random hot guy AND manage to look like the girls in Fitness magazine? Well I am So. Not. That. Girl.  On the off-chance I wear waterproof mascara (which, out of necessity has been more frequently lately despite the fact I hate taking it off) or take it off before I workout (I never do) then my friends, consider yourself lucky. For those of you who like the gothic look…put me on a treadmill, 8 mph, 20 minutes and your goth poster child will appear. Seriously.  It’s a scary sight. 

Now I am training for my first half marathon. I’m following along the Hal Higdon intermediate training program and can already tell a major difference in my running. By incorporating Body Flow, yoga and Pilates classes, I’m getting awesome stretch and breathing routines. My lungs have never felt better and I’m attributing that to these classes.  The program also has strength training in it so not everyday is a long run.  It’s very do-able.

So needless to say, you can find me most evenings at the gym, running sweating my butt off.  I won’t be the pretty girl.  I won’t be talking to anyone (I get in the zone!).  In fact, my music will be loud and obnoxious girly music and my towel will be soaked by the end.  Thank goodness for those equipment wipes!  One of those songs that I love right now is Sara Evans’ “A Little Bit Stronger”  It’s so perfect for me right now and I can’t listen to it enough!juice

On another note….

Have you ever tried juicing?  It’s something else new I’m trying and so far I am a HUGE fan. I never thought something that looks so gross could taste sooo good!  I bought these two different brands and love them.  I’m shopping around for a juicer but until then, these are approved!  Do you have any recommendations?  I need quick and easy to work and clean!

Has anyone tried the NutriBullet?  Or what about the MagicBullet Express Juicer?  Both look easy but so different.

And another random thing….

Gearing up for Cinco de Mayo (or just the fact I love an excuse to eat Mexican type food), I made a yummy, healthy taco salad.  Here are the substitutions I made:

  • beef –> ground turkey breast
  • taco packet seasoning –> salsa
  • taco bowl –> baked tostitos
  • sour cream –> greek yogurt
  • mexican cheese –> 2% milk cheese

This had to be good because I’ve eaten it now for dinner for the past few days because I had so much left over.  Every time, it was just as delicious!


Today I heard that one of my friends was making my stuffed pepper recipe for guests.  I was so excited to hear you guys are testing out new things too!  I love experimenting with new recipes and its even better when they are healthy!  Hope this recipe was a hit!

This weekend I am house sitting for my friend and have reading buddy as I catch up on my book club book, The Interestings.  I’ll have to post pictures of my buddy, Boom Boom, soon.   This week I tackle a 9 mile run!  As long as the rain stops, I’ll attempt to run outside, if not, hello treadmill! As I’m getting stronger, I’m going to make a conscious effort to stop forgetting about the mascara before it’s too late and take it off preworkout!


4 thoughts on “Getting Stronger & Forgetting Mascara

  1. Taco salad is the best. I’m no model at the gym either!! I’m not quite sure what juicing is. But I have a magic bullet and it’s okay. I prefer the blender!

    1. Juicing is basically breaking down fruits and veggies into their most raw, liquid form. Most people use the term “extracting” because a juicer extracts the nutrients and make it pure liquid (more like water than a thick chunky smoothie). Then people add all sorts of fun stuff like vitamins and other natural supplements for different reasons. Check out the links in the blog for the website that have the official definitions. It’s the green gross looking but yummy tasting stuff you probably say, I would never try that (but you should! so good!)! Now I’m craving some!

  2. Proud of your runs! Wish I was there to join you, friend! I am laughing because I am possibly the WORST looking gym rat out there. I wear a hat and pull it down low for that reason. I hope to be virtually unrecognizable! Hahah – the mascara part made me laugh. I hope your training continues to go well – I’m a huge advocate of yoga practice and core work to enhance running (and clear the mind!) so I hope you enjoy it too.

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