One Tough Cookie

TN foodYou know the feeling when you think you’ve got a really good pace going and you look down at the Garmin to be completely shocked (in a bad way) by what you see?  Hopefully you don’t know the feeling, but if you do, I’m sorryToday was that kind of day… it was one tough cookie.

After a very, VERY fun vacation and road trip from Michigan to Florida this past weekend, I have definitely learned a few lessons worth sharing:

#1 – I’m not as young as I used to be.  The days of pulling all nighters are over.  Period.  Looking back though, my “all nighters” were always followed by a full day of sleep.  Reality – sleeping during the day isn’t an option.

#2 – No matter how old I feel, I’m never going to be too old to stop getting excited about a bean bag chair/pillow Always a plus if it says “fatboy” on it!

#3 – No matter how much food/drink I’ve consumed, cupcakes will always be my favorite thing. Ever.  I bought a coconut/caramel/vanilla goodness from GiGi’s Cupcakes in Nashville.  The next day, I bought a carrot cake and justified eating it for breakfast because it had carrots, raisins and cream cheese.

TN travel#4 – Driving in a car CAN be fun. Going from Michigan to Florida in 2 driving days, plus a day to enjoy Nashville, really makes me appreciate A) truck drivers B) air transportation C) a nice car D) random fast food places  E) global positioning systems F) (and most importantly) great company!

#5 – Y.O.L.O – You only live once.  So make the most of ever day you have.  Breath and relax.  Have fun.  If you happen to eat/drink too much, make sure you have a good playlist to run to! Besides our awesome view from Aloft of Downtown Nashville, I got to taste some of Nashville’s finest…


#6 – If the door’s open, come on in!  Thanks to the open field at Vanderbilt, we took a little walking break….

TN stadium

Yes- that’s me on the right.  My best friend, Leah on the left.  I think it takes 17+ years to know a person to understand why we couldn’t stop laughing during this….

#7 – I’m inspired!  I knew how smart and talented Leah was but to see her live out her dream of becoming a lawyer is so inspiring.  The hard work and dedication over the past 3 years of law school really proves that you can do anything you set your mind to.  Congrats Leah doesn’t say enough.  I’m very encouraged!


#8 – Lansing is Spartans, construction and clouds. Enough said.

TN spartan

#9 – Play Hard, Train Harder – If you’re going to play hard, you have to be willing to train harder.  After a fun weekend of playing hard, training harder proved much more tough than I could have ever imagined today.  I think my Garmin might have miscalibrated… Really it was my body feeling out of whack (for lack of a better word).  Feeling defeated by my 5 mile run today, I am challenged to focus even more on training harder, getting stronger and running faster.  Completing my very first half marathon will not be an easy feat but I’m challenged to take it on. One Tough Cookie at a time!

One thought on “One Tough Cookie

  1. Hahahaha I know exactly what you mean about being disappointed when you look at your watch 🙂 I’ve driven many times from Michigan to Florida- spring break!!

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