Blue Ridge, GA

BR cabinI just got back from an awesome weekend in Blue Ridge, GA.  Early Friday morning, my family and I packed the car and headed North on I75.  Vacations with my family are always an adventure… 10 hours later, we drove up a very bumpy, very rocky, very narrow mountain road (that’s what the locals called it anyway) to arrive at our quaint little log cabin with the most beautiful view

We went up to Blue Ridge, GA to celebrate the graduations of two of our cousins, Kaitie and Karly from UGA and Fannin High.  We started off the weekend with a very yummy taco dinner (I had fish tacos with an Asian slaw) and red velvet cupcakes for dessert!  I baked the cupcakes in Jax and frosted them when we arrived.  In honor of the graduates, the cupcakes had a little red and blue decor but were not complete without cream cheese frosting (what is, right?!). 

BR cupcake frost 

Saturday we strolled to Downtown Blue Ridge where I, of course, found the local cupcake shop!   The Sweet Shoppe of Blue Ridge was a Cupcake Wars winner.  The store had one of my favorite smells (baking cupcakes if you couldn’t guess) and the cupcakes looked so delicious.  Feeling extremely guilty for the lack of exercise the past few days, the increased intake of sugars and the fact I was full from lunch, I actually didn’t get a cupcake (or three).  Instead, I got something that will last… a cupcake coffee cup!   Call me obsessed.  Call me weird.  Whatever.  I love it!  So whether it’s my morning cup of joe or afternoon tea, I’ll be sporting my new cup! 🙂

BR cupcakes

Note: I might not have gotten a cupcake, but I did have a taste!!  I had a bite, or two, of my dad’s s’mores cupcake… Yes – it was just lovely!

BR mountainSaturday afternoon we drove to the home of the 1996 Summer Olympics for canoeing and kaking on the Ocoee River – The Ocoee Whitewater Center.  There wasn’t a ton of activity on the river but the views were amazing.  The mountains, rocks, trees, everything were so breathtaking.  It really made me appreciate how amazing our world really is.  Being a Florida native, I can say, the biggest “hills” I encounter frequently are bridges (I know… lame).  The whole time I thought, “wow I could get used to this” but then I realized that the closest place to buy milk is a gas station about 20 minutes away and a 4 wheel drive is a must.  So let me rephrase… “I could get used to this type of vacation!”

Here are a few more pictures from the cabin!

BR cabin 2

Two other random things… This was something fun from the graduation party… chocolate cap and worm tassel!  Super cute and fun idea I have to share!

BR dessert

BR messageIn Blue Ridge, I saw this little piece of art and it make me stop and think for a minute.  Instead of letting life pass you buy and going with status quo, live your life!  We’re all called to be something great.  If you’re not living for your greatness, then stop doing what you’re doing and make a change!  If you don’t know what your greatness is, then don’t settle for second best or what’s comfortable.  Keep searching for yourself, no one else, and you will find the greatest joy and happiness living out what you’re called for. 

A yoga instructor once said in class “your occupation is what you get paid for but your calling is what you’re made for.”  I believe when you can link your occupation and your calling, you will live the most fulfilling life.  If you need a little (or a lot!) of motivation to find your greatness, I encourage you to view this graduation speech.  I had the privilege of hearing it at MSU two weeks ago and it’s such an encouraging message!

So I’m challenging myself, and you, to stop doing what you’re doing and START LIVING!

~Love ~ Cassie ~

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