Counting Down and Training Up – the Race is ON!

be freeI signed up… I signed up… wait… I SIGNED UP!! June 23 – My.First. Half. Marathon.

I will be running my first 13.1 miles at the Chicago Women’s Half . I have been training for a half since I did the Katie Ride but haven’t picked one to run in (I know – backwards – typical). This weekend my flight was set, hotel booked and race registered! My sister and a friend will be joining me in Chicago as we make a mini vacation out of it. 🙂

I can’t really describe the feeling I get when I run. Obviously the “runner’s high” is there but describing the feeling is tough. So let me try… this year has been a year of extreme testing, to say the least. It’s been one of the toughest years I’ve ever had but I’ve also grown more this year than I have in all the other years of my life, combined. I’ve also gotten to experience joy, peace and grace more than ever before. I’ve stretched my comfort zone and did a lot of firsts (started this blog, did a bike race, doing a half marathon and joined a book club, just to name a few). Through the grace of God I’ve found peace and joy knowing I’m exactly where I’m meant to be and on the right path. So when I run, I think about all this. I think about all these accomplishments and all the trials. All the blessings and opportunities I’ve been given. I think about how amazing the body is to be able to run for miles on end. I listen to loud music and just clear my mind. Most times, you’ll see me running with a smile on my face because of how truly happy and free I am. I don’t run to run away from something, but I run to run towards everything. To run towards my happiness, my future, my greatness. This is what the runner’s high means to me.

I know I think too much about stuff… obviously, or I wouldn’t be able to take 2 words like “runner’s high” and make a paragraph out of it, but I also like to take the time to clear everything. I’ve learned to love Yoga. Practicing yoga and deep breathing is (almost) as relaxing as a swedish massage! (Note: I said I’ve learned to love yoga – it wasn’t a natural thing. I’m a super busy body but have learned to love breathing with intention.)

Many people can attest that their biggest achievements came from the hardest times. If this year was any testimony of that, then I’m sort of a walking billboard.

So here’s to my half! I’m counting down and training up!!

~ Love ~ Cassie ~

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