Boom Boom and the Dog Park

Boomer park2

In 2013, I visited a dog park for the first time ever (I know, I know, where have I been?).  For the sake of this post, let’s pretend dog poo doesn’t exist.  Deal? Deal.  So I fell in love with everything! (remember, you agreed, dog poo doesn’t exist!)  The paths in the woods, the big lake and open grass area, the muddy, soggy tennis balls, chewed up frisbees, big dogs, little dogs, and what could be my favorite – the dog owners.  The dog park reminds me of an organic vegan local restaurant… everyone is so happy and calm.  The dogs just explore but the people seem so peaceful!  Maybe I’m being too general because this is how I feel at the dog park, maybe I’m not.

So let me introduce you to Boomer (I call him Boom Boom – which kind of defeats the main purpose of a nickname – to decrease the number of syllables – but let’s go with it!).  Boom Boom is my friend’s husband’s dog.  For those of you who have dogs, you can appreciate the my dog your dog thing, especially if the dog misbehaves!  Anyway, I got to spend the whole weekend with Boom Boom and decided to go to the dog park on Sunday.  I think Boom Boom was tired of me debating what dog park to go to, he just covered his eyes until I made a decision…

Boomer and C

Dog Wood Park  won!  We left for the park after Church and got there eager to play!  Boom Boom ran like the wind through the forest and I had quite an adventure trying to follow him.   When I called his name, he came back quickly… until he found some friends…

Boomer park

…and like that he was off!  After a few minutes at the park, we ran into someone I know and Boomer made more friends very quickly.  I really think dogs are more and more like kids the more I think about it.  Let’s do a little assessment:

We give dogs nicknames and clothes (c’mon you know you’ve at least thought about it).  Their schedule becomes our schedule.  They love us and we love them no matter how bad their behavior is.  We take them to places to play with others and burn off some of that energy.  They rely on us for food, water and shelter.  Sounds pretty similar right?! 🙂


The best part about the dog park is seeing how happy all the dogs are (ok most – you know there’s always one person who brings the dog who doesn’t like anyone).  The second best part and could be the funniest is that after the dog park, within minutes, the dogs are always sound asleep!  I find it funny because it reminds me of when I was younger and thought I could play endlessly with my friends.  Until my mom picked me up and I would fall asleep in the car even before we got home.  I’m sure her happiness relief that I was asleep and stopped talking is a similar joy that the dog park brings me… simply peaceful.

Boomski did so great at the dog park.  Boomski is another nickname for Boomer.  Now that I think about this, no wonder why Boomer doesn’t always listen to me, I have too many names for him!   He was one happy dog!

And I was one happy girl!  After the dog park, I finished the book Carry On, Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton. One of the chapters started out with this quote:

Boomer quote

This sort of summed up my weekend season in life.  My goals for 2013 are to just be happy, do happy and share happy.  Dog parks are for sure on my list for things to do that bring me happiness.  This makes me come alive and showing my happiness is exactly what we need in this world.  What is you happy?  What makes you come alive?

Find it. Do it.

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