Well hello again!  It’s good to be back to blogging after a few weeks off!  July came and went so fast I can’t believe the 4th was exactly 1 month ago.  I really don’t know where it went but if I had only one word to describe the past few weeks, I would have to say: HECTIC.  Have you ever gone through a period of time where you felt like life was on fastforward and you were running from one thing to the next?  Well, that’s exactly what the past month has been for me.  This is the first time since Chicago where I have had a whole day of doing nothing.  (not that I don’t have anything to do… I have tons of emails, a room to clean, packing to do! errands to run and sleep to catch up on) but I am choosing to do nothing and play catch up mentally! ~ Which means blogging!

So what have I been doing?  Let me give you a little cliff notes version of my crazy, busy, July and then I’ll share some new yummy recipes I’ve stumbled upon!

PA loveI spent a few days in the city of brotherly love –  Philadelphia, PA at the 2013 General Assembly of the YMCA.  15 Y employees from Jacksonville joined 4,000 other Y employees and volunteers for a pep-rally conference full of amazing speakers, vendors and networking opportunities.  It was a very busy few days but a once in a lifetime experience.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta kicked off the conference with a great keynote message on how the Y is in the best position to impact lives and help fight the obesity epidemic.  Did you know that Mexico recently surpassed the U.S. taking the stage as the world’s leader as the most obese nation?!?!  Click here for an article on this.

Sally Hogshead also spoke on how to Fascinate where we all took her Fascination Advantage Test.  My archetype is “The Sustainer” where I am steadfast, composed and by-the-book.  I’d say that’s pretty accurate!

PA GAMalcolm Gladwell was one of the keynote speakers and described that we are in the capitalization business, being the single most important capital engine in this country,  and how success is a group activity.  He outlined 3 reasons why we do such a bad job of capitalizing on the talent in us.  #1- we think talent is scarce.  #2- we think ability is innate where the cream will naturally rise to the top and doesn’t need help from anyone. #3- we have a narrow definition of talent.  Gladwell dissected each of these to prove the exact opposite and ended with our gift to society is helping others find their gifts.  I read one of Gladwell’s books, Outliers, and fell in love with it!  So naturally, I was super excited to hear him speak!

We also had a ton of other great speakers who spoke on topics like managing meetings, financial health, technology, reading people and so many other great topics.  I also met a ton of vendors face to face for the first time and see old Y friends.

We squeezed a TON into 4 days (yes, only 4 days!) and were even able to do a little sightseeing!

PA tour

Let’s not forget about Rocky… You can’t go to Philly without seeing Rocky!  Yes, I ran the stairs… the blazing hot and humid day didn’t stop me!

PA rocky

After Philly, all I wanted to do was laundry, sleep and recoup… this was exactly what I needed…

sweetest things

However, that is NOT what I got!  It was back to work the next day and I didn’t get to chill and unwind until today!  (but that blueberry chocolate cupcake from Luli’s and dark chocolate chip cookies from Cassie’s Kitchen was so worth every bite even if I just had them the past 2 weeks!)

Tshirt tankYesterday was the Wiffleball and Kickball Games of the Y’s First Coast Games corporate challenge.  I attempted to play and learned I am bad REALLY SUCK at throwing, my hitting is better than my kicking but I can catch a kickball pretty well!  And guess what I learned this morning… I am so out of shape!  I am so sore my entire lower body aches!  Guess that’s the price of getting old  I even took 6 ibuprofen yesterday!

Knowing I would be outside in the Florida sun all day, I did a little surgery on my shirt and made it a tank!  Looking back on it, I am so glad I did this!  The tank was so much cooler than the sleeves would have been.

I also experimented with Kale this month.  I made a delicious Kale Dip!

I made Lasagna Roll Ups because they looked fun and a Spicy Mexican Casserole!!

Recipes to follow 🙂

Let’ s not forget what’s happening in T-minus 28 days….. MOVING DAY!  That’s right!  Moving closer to the real world again… work, gym, friends, dog park, mall… it’s a wonderful life!

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