One slow mile and a foot cramp later…

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I did it!  I ran again!  Ok, so it was only 1 measly little mile, in air conditioned space, on a treadmill, at 0% incline and I was extremely slow…  But hey, I ran!

For those of you who didn’t know, I have been recovering from a hip flexor injury I got a few months ago when I was training for a half marathon.  I was up to 10 miles, running strong and running fast.  Then it all plummeted.  I missed my half and have been extremely reluctant to even try to run again.  I still want to complete a half before the end of the year so time and more training will tell if I can.

Back to this one silly mile run… as I was running (maybe we should call this a fast walk instead).  So as I was fast walking, my hip surprising didn’t hurt!  I could feel my muscles engaging again but didn’t have pain!  (hallelujah, praise Jesus, yes, yes, yesssss)

Once I reached that 1.00 mile (which felt like a marathon) I decided to stop and work on some stretch and strength exercises.  Note:  I’ve noticed I spend far more time stretching than actually working out these days could this be a sign of aging!!?  Feeling pumped about my fast walking mile, I thought – hey why not try some lunges?  BAD IDEA.

I have this issue where I get these intensely-painful-want-to-cut-off-my-foot-drop -to-the-floor-in-pain foot cramps every so often.  I also will get cramps in my calves in the middle of the night where it wakes me up and I feel almost paralyzed with pain.   I’ve done some research on this and these two links below are great resources if you are experiencing any of these too.  My favorite remedyfoot massages – any takers out there want to endorse this and support my foot healing with your massage skills?!

Livestrong: How to get rid of foot cramps

Runner’s World: How to prevent foot cramps

The calf cramps haven’t happened in a while (actually, I can’t pin point when the last one was but I also try to block out that painful episode from my mind…).  However, as soon as I started doing lunges, my left foot started spazing! I couldn’t believe this.  I thought “really?!  You mean to tell me I successfully ran fast walked 1.00 mile and now I get a foot cramp!  What in the world?!”

So I stretched.  And stretched.  And stretched.  It didn’t go away so I called it a day and headed home.  With my foot still cramping, walking to the car was tough and luckily it was my left foot so my 40 minute drive home was do-able.

Experiencing a mini runner’s high from my run fast walk was very short-lived by my foot cramp.  However, it was just long enough to remember the feeling of the road/treadmill under my feet and the fresh air/recycled gym air on my face.  I love that!

Feeling productive (remember 1.00 miles is a HUGE accomplishment for me), I decided to reward myself with my favorite-at-this-moment-cookie, dark chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.  I have 2 secret tricks that I think make these amazing… grind up the oatmeal in a food processor or blender (if you broke your food processor, like I did) and grate extra chocolate in the mix…

spaghetti squash dessert

Pair with a big class of Almond Milk (or Merlot if you had a fabulous workout) and enjoy!

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