My life as an ecard

You know that moment when you read an an ecard and think to yourself “HA, ya that’s me” or “yup, agreed?” Well I had an all too perfect moment of this last night.

Here’s the scene: I found a gift card to Dick’s Sporting Goods in my wallet (<— finding unused gift cards = cha ching!)

So naturally I thought hmmm what do I ‘need’ for my half marathon training? I decided I needed a foam roller (as a precautionary measure and to avoid physical therapy later) and new running shorts (because it gets hot in Florida and a girl’s gotta look better than she feels). Then I had a coupon for $10 off $50 (double plus!!) and since my total wasn’t quite there, new ear buds were a must have as well.

This weekend my training program for Napa (happy dance) began! Lots of thoughts rushed through my head (the color of the shorts) and I was definitely satisfied with the results (delivery in 5-7 days!). So let me introduce you to my ‘ha- ya that’s me ecard’ <— which I saw on Facebook moments after the purchase…


Really couldn’t get much more perfect than that!

I am now t-minus 4 days to my CPA exam and besides having nightmares that I completely tank it, this was another ecard I had to laugh, and agree, with.


In all honesty, my training really did only consist of getting gear to look the part!  (yikes… procrastinator?!) Oh and since my half is in NAPA, I thought I would start training for all aspects… vino tasting, oh course!  Zooma Women’s Half Marathon in Napa, here I come!


 What’s your “yeah, that’s so me” ecard?

Now that my dog, Emmie, is asleep laying down for a brief moment, back to the studying I go! 





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