An Accountants’ Guide to: Bachelorette viewing parties

imageWell ladies and (real) gents, tonight is the night.  Tonight is why Tuesdays at work are a little harder than the rest of the days.  Why I consistently fail at AM workouts.  Why I want to travel to every ‘magical’ place around the world.  Why abstaining-from-weekday-drinking-when-I-don’t-workout is a major bust. And why I think that people can wake up and automatically look amazing, in everything, even pouring rain, wind, cold or heat. (Unless you’re a girl with serious hair color who’s been on the show for a few weeks and in desperate need of a salon – is anyone with me when I say, thank goodness for Ben’s hometown dates? We saw a ton of brown under that blonde!!)

If you haven’t figured out by now, tonight is the season premier of The Bachelorette where it will be the most dramatic season in Bachelor history and JoJo Fletcher will look stunning, say ‘like’ far too many times and the guys will say that she is the most gorgeous bachelorette in bachelor history – way to get brownie points early on gents.

By now I’m a vested viewer.  Are you?  Do you:

  • Plan your evening around the show – weeks in advance?
  • invite friends over to watch it with you – because drinking by yourself on a Monday is just sad?
  • prepare snacks and themed drinks for the event?
  • refer to the show as “an event?”
  • bring up the fact this is your “event” within the first 3 dates with someone new?
  • join a Bachelor bracket?
  • make the “event” a drinking game?

If you answer yes to any of these, you’re on your way to becoming a fan in bachelor-nation.  If you’re not, don’t turn the TV on at 9pm to ABC because you will see how the suspense-omg-he-did-what is definitely going to grab your attention and you will join me and the rest of the viewers in a long, drawn out Monday night spectacular.

During Ben’s season, I brought themed cocktails to the viewing parties. <– And when I say brought, I mean carried them from the kitchen to the living room. <–  And when I say viewing parties, I mean me and my girl friends (sometimes sole) getting together drinking {good} wine and snacks while offering commentary at every commercial break.

This season, I’m stepping it up.  The Monday night event is going to include a drinking game.  Not your normal drinking game with the purpose of getting someone inebriated, but a classy, small list, drinking game.  But hey – I can’t help if JoJo says “like” too many times! Plus, I don’t want to have to remember a long list and keep track of it -there’s far to many other things to keep up with on this show.

So here it is friends!  Grab your gal pals (bros welcome too!), your favorite bottle of vino, some fancy cheese and dark chocolate. I hope you join me on this “journey to find love” for JoJo!

imageThe Accountants’ Guide to Bachelor Viewing Parties: week 1

Take a sip of wine when:

  1. JoJo mentions Ben
  2. JoJo says “like”
  3. A guy says “like” (2 sips)
  4. A guy says “bro”
  5. There’s a kiss ❤
  6. A bro brawl happen
  7. We see abs

I hope you all enjoy the Season Premiere as much as I will!  I’m routing for JoJo to “find love” but am really going to enjoy all the drama along the way!

Stay tuned for a recap of this week’s episode and new game rules for next week!






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