The Challenge

Two of my co-workers and I attended a training where we learned about someone’s “October Challenge.”  A girl got a group of friends together to challenge themselves to stay off Facebook and spend their time doing other things.  So they made of list of things they want to accomplish during the month and when they wanted to go on Facebook, they pulled out the list and completed one of the tasks.

This “to-do” list isn’t the traditional to-do list.  How many lists do we make in life?  I usually have a few going at once and when I check things off, I am relieved!  Instead, I wanted a to-do that was exciting, rewarding and accomplishing when things were checked off.  My two co-workers and I decided to take on THE CHALLENGE for one month to include 4 categories:

#1 Do something I like to do but haven’t done in a while.

#2 Do 1 thing I’ve never done or learn something new.

#3 Do something kind/selfless/philanthropic.

#4 Do something that needs to be done but I’ve put off.

We didn’t want this to be another things we “have to get done,” but something that motivates us!  Should this be successful, we hope to continue with new things each month.

Here are a few I’ve accomplished.  Challenge yourself!


New Places-Coaching-Unplug


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