From the words of Elle (Reese Witherspoon) in Legally Blonde – “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.”

Simple enough?  I think so!  Besides my obsession with baking I really like working out and just doing active things in general.  I never left a workout feeling less than pumped.  Any worries seem less and any exciting things seem even better.  Working out, whether running, cycling, circuit training or a random group ex class, gives me the boost of positive energy I need DAILY.

Don’t have the motivation or don’t like working out?  I’ve lost my motivation too at times and you just have to find something that can motivate you.  Maybe it’s weight on a scale, those skinny jeans that are now just tight jeans, or a race/event coming up you want to train for.  Or perhaps it’s a person that’s your motivational coach.  Or a cycle instructor who breaks out in song and dance half way through the class to get you over the top (true story!).  Find something, find anything, and don’t stop!

Don’t make working out and staying in shape just a hobby, make it a habit!

I share with you a few of my stories and challenges on the other pages.  I hope I can motivate you just a little to get off that coach, away from the computer and if you are reading my blog, do so on an elliptical, bike or in the middle of a hike!




Love this! (it’s so true, right!?)

quote for endorphines

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