We all need motivation… What I’m motivated by is probably completely different that what motivates you but my hope is that you find your thing to push you to the next level!

So I challenge you with this: #1 Start back up on something you haven’t done in a while but want to.  That’s where running comes in to play for me.  In 2012, I stopped running completely.  Lack of time, motivation, whatever, were my excuses.  So because of this challenge, I decided to start running again.  But I need more motivation than that to get me started.  So what might I love more than working out? Workout clothes!!

So “rewards” consists of new workout clothes for me.  I’ve decided that every time I reach a total of 20 miles, I make a new purchase!  Motivational??  Yes!  Also, every time I do a race, I get a reward.  Races are a great way to show community support, support a cause and get a group of people together to do something healthy.

I started this challenge on November 21, 2012…. I ran 4 very slow miles and was extremely sore the next few days.  (remember I haven’t run or even worked out for months!)  I acheived my first 20 miles in total on 11/30/12!!  Purchase: Run Inspire Crop from lululemon.  These are great for running AND cycle.  40 miles came only a few days later on 12/6/12!!  Purchase: Back on Track Tank for lululemon.  Outfit#1 complete!  The Festival of Lights 5K was on 12/8/12  which meant another purchase– Under Armour Green long sleeve running shirt.  I hit 60 miles on 12/14/12. Purchase:  White running skirt.

Here’s a pic of the Festival of Lights 5k and a few of my purchases. 🙂

Festival of Lights 5k      skirt

80 miles achieved: 12/21/12!!!  Purchase: Garmin watch (HR monitor, GPS/pace tracker)


Since December, I’ve achieved more milestones and got some new kicks, and armband that resists my sweat, running sunglasses and a few other workout clothes. (Yes – I’ve been running a lot for these!) 🙂

Runs I’ve completed:

Festival of Lights 5k – December 8, 2012

Vystar Gator Bowl 5k – December 31, 2013

January Jamboree 5k – January 26, 2013

Celebrate Life 5k – March 2, 2013

Gate River Run – March 9, 2013

Chicago Women’s 5k – June 23, 2013

Subaru Distance Classic – Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon – November 28, 2013

Girls on the Run End of Season 5k – December 7, 2013

Gate River Run – March 15, 2014

Run the Golden Gate Bridge (for fun) June 2014

 Zooma Women’s Half – Napa, CA – June 28, 2014

Girls on the Run 5K – December 6, 2014

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