Little Miss Moo

Milkies-giftsLet’s face the facts mommas.  Between changing diapers, feeding, burping and bathing your new bundle of joy, you probably don’t spend enough time taking care of you, right?  Unfortunately, the stresses of life, the lack of sleep and perhaps the anxiety of going back to work can all aid in what no mommy wants… a decrease in the good stuff.  You know what I’m talking about.  If you’re looking for a pump me up to help increase your supply, I have a yummy little solution for you!  One of the best parts is you can tell your husband or kids these help mommy make milk and I assure you, they will think twice about trying them!  (No – these won’t produce milk for your family members, just help a mommy who already is lactating, but we won’t tell them that!  Trust me, you won’t want to share!)

Check out the details here for why lactation cookies are so beneficial for new moms!

I know you’re a super mom but throwing on an apron and baking a batch of homemade cookies is probably pretty far down on the to-do list, right?  Plus, I’m sure your flour, sugar, baking pans and chocolate chips have all been replaced in the pantry by multiple types of bottles, bottle brushes, pumps, bottle sanitizers and everything else, right?  Well look no further than Little Miss Moo for all your lactation cookie needs!

Little Miss Moo Lactation Cookies come in a variety of flavors.  I am constantly trying new flavors and love suggestions and custom orders, so this is by no means the only cookies you can order.  Current flavors include:

Lactation-cookies-little-miss-mooNutella White Chocolate Chip – A sure winner!  These sweet, chocolately cookies are made with oatmeal, flax, brewer’s yeast, barley malt,  Nutella spread and white chocolate chips – among other yummy ingredients.

Oatmeal Raisin Coconut – Think of an oatmeal raisin chewy cookie blasted with coconut!  No Butter in this recipe because I use coconut oil!

M&M Cookies – Feel like a kid again with these m&m cookies packed with perk-em-up ingredients

Peanut Butter Toffee – A spin on the traditional toffee cookie, the peanut butter variation adds a little protein to the mix.  Plus, who doesn’t love peanut butter.

Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Chip Chewy Bites – Looking for something a little healthier, per se?  These protein (peanut butter), fiber (oatmeal), and antioxidant-hint of caffeine (dark chocolate) cookies are super chewy and remind me of a chewy granola bite.

Interested in placing an order?  Lactation Cookies are for sale by the 2 dozen and come in a take-and-bake.  You get 1 dozen freshly baked and 1 dozen frozen so you can have fresh warm cookies again and again!  The cookies are 2-3 inches in diameter depending on the type.  The cost is $20 for 2 dozen (same type, 1 dz baked, 1 dz frozen) and are available for pick up downtown Jax or delivery.  Delivery cost starts at $5 and depends on the distance.  Order multiple dozen and save on delivery!

For inquires and orders, please email me at


7 thoughts on “Little Miss Moo

  1. Can I order all of them frozen?? I’m not due til October and I may lose the information by then. I’d be ordering like 6-8 dozen of frozen.

    1. Hi Joan, you definitely can order them all frozen! The frozen ones will come in a break and bake form so all you have to do is thaw and place on cookie sheets! Super easy and directions on the packaging. You can email me at for more details. I can also just put it on my calendar to reach out to you in Sept or closer to your due date to place the order. The frozen ones last months but if you’re like me, freezer space in the summer is hard to find!

  2. I am interested in placing an order. But want to know how often are you supposed to eat these cookies a day? And which one works the best for helping with producing more breast milk? My milk supply has decreased by half and I am tryjng everything I can to get it back up and growing.

    1. Hi Heather! What I recommend for max results is to eat 4 cookies days 1-2; 2 cookies days 3-4; 1 cookie days 5-7. Repeat the next week or when you see another drop in your supply. All the cookies have the same amount of the “special” ingredients (oats, flax, Brewers yeast and barley malt) so it’s totally about preference.
      Results will definitely vary and there’s no guarantee but if you are drinking tons of water and doing everything else right, these cookies are usually the missing component for mommies with decreased supply. I’ve had customers see results in as little as 4 days! Everyone is different but these are definitely worth a try!

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