Punching the Road

weekend runDuring one of my workouts this week (you know, the one where I’m all sweaty, smelly and no one wants to talk to me), I noticed a guy working out with a punching bag.  The energy, passion, determination and strength that went into each hit of the bag made me think #1 – he’s had a rough day, #2 – he’s training fo something or #3 he actually enjoys it.   Then I thought, hey this isn’t far off from why I run… running is my time. It’s an outlet for me to focus my thoughts, pray, breathe or think nothing at all.  It’s also a training mechanism to make me faster and stronger.  And I enjoy it!  I really do love to run. Instead of punching a bag, I punch the road!

At first I thought the punching bag in the gym might be a little out of the norm from treadmills, ellipticals and bikes, but why and how can I judge a bag and not judge my running shoes and garmin?!  The bag was this guys mechanism, my shoes and garmin are mine!  So next time you think someone is ‘weird’ or ‘different’ try to think about why they like that and how you can relate.  Now I actually want to put on some gloves and see what happens!  Maybe the next rainy day!

weekend pupThis past weekend I spent the weekend at my friend’s house and watched over her husband’s dog(note: she will be happy it’s not ‘her’ dog here 🙂 ).  It was a stay-cation for me and I had a blast.  Meet Boomer (I call him Boom Boom)… 

I did some retail therapy and stopped at my favorite cupcake place in all Northeast Florida – Luli’s Cupcakes!  (Seriously-Best.Cupcakes.Ever.) We had a few days of solid rain day and night.  I weathered the storm for my key lime pie cupcake…. yummm So.Worth.It.

weekend cupcake

I wanted to eat something a little less processed and a little more healthy so  I ventured to a new place for me – The Present Moment Cafe.  It’s an organic, vegetarian cafe.  I got the Buddha Bowl and let me tell you… whoever said vegan and organic can’t taste good was SO wrong.  Chick peas, buddha rice, cherry tomatoes, spinach, legumes. DELISH

weekend food 

As I mentioned in my last post, this past weekend I had a 9 mile run scheduled.  After a few solid days of nothing but rain, the skies opened and Sunday was one of the most beautiful days yet!  So off I ran!  The runner’s high was in full fling and I ran pretty strong.  After my run, I spent a few hours relaxing at the pool and reading a book.  I actually had my book club book, The Interestings, and a book I am borrowing from a friend.  The book is called “Carry On, Warrior” and it’s from the famous blogger Glennon Doyle Melton who writes Momastery. Even though I still have over 200 pages in my book for book club (and we are meeting next week!), I promised I would pick one chapter and read it.

So I picked the chapter called “It will be Beautiful.”  I had no idea what to expect but as I read, I found myself laughing and crying and smiling and feeling empathic.  Crazy how this can happen in only a few pages!  The chapter I read was amazing and I HIGHLY recommend this book to any ladies.  Two sentences really stuck out to me.  One was very personal… “I…prayed that God would either open an adoption door to take away the desperation in my heart.”  No- I’m not adopting, but I can completely relate to this type of prayer!

The other sentence that stood out was “That was an important lesson” SHOW UP. You never know what might happen.”  This is so incredibly true and I think too often we (ok me!) get comfortable where we are, are uncertain or don’t think our contribution will make a difference to step outside the box, take a leap of faith and just say OK I’ll be there.  So I’m trying to living the attitude of Show Up and God will take over when you give it all to Him.

weekend poolweekend book words

I did get a few good hours of reading in but still have a ton to go.  I’m not a reader but part of trying new things and stepping out of my comfort zone was to read books and join a book club!  I love my book club and never thought talking about a book would be fun!

For now I have to finish start packing for my TRIP TO MICHIGAN!  Take off in T-minus 3+ hours!