DIY: Tutus for under $10

DIY Tutus


There’s something therapeutic about crafting. Add a little wine, frozen pizza and a friend who loves all of that equally and you get a pretty awesome craft sesh.  Somewhere between the hectic work week and the weekend, an idea emerged. Tutus. Pink tutus.

Back track a few weeks and this conversation happened:

Me: Hey Katie, do you want to do a 5k?

Katie: Ha!? Have you seen me run?

Me: It’s The Players Donna 5k to raise money to FINISH breast cancer

Katie: Umm, I can’t run a 5k

Me: Well everyone will be wearing pink.. Like everyone… Head to toe #pinkout4donna

Katie: Ok, I’m in.  (And 15 minutes later she ordered pink knee high socks for the race)

So on Friday, with less than 24 hours until the race, Katie and I were talking about what to wear and somehow we needed something more. What possibly could make running a 5k even more fun? Tutus. Where else can a woman wear a tutu and it be socially acceptable other than a 5k!?  I already have two Tough Girl Tutus, but they aren’t pink.  I sported a lime green one at the Napa Zooma half marathon two years ago and the leopard one at the Amelia Island Zooma 10K. With time against us, we set out to put our crafting skills to the test.

With Hobby Lobby coupons in hand, project tutus was well underway. We lucked out with tulle at 50% off and used our coupons on scissors and an elastic band. We over-purchased tulle just in case but ended up taking 3 rolls back.   These were so incredibly easy to make. Time consuming, yes – but so much fun!

pink_tulle_tutusWhat you will need for 2 Tutus (because twinning tutus > one):

  • 3/4″ elastic band – long enough for 2 people
  • Spools of 6inch wide tulle
    • 25 yards of hot pink tulle with sparkles
    • 25 yards of light pink tulle
    • 75 yards of hot pink tulle
  • Scissors
  • Yard stick, measuring tape
  • 2 safety pins (or a sewing kit)

How to make tutus:

Step 1: cut the spools of tulle in half with a knife so you have 3″ wide strips.


Step 2: cut the elastic band so it’s a little longer than hip measurement. Use a safety pin to pin it together. Wrap the band around a barstool or chair legs.


Step 3: Pour a glass of wine. This next step takes a little while.

Step 4: cut strips of tulle. Lots of strips.  I used 20 inches and am 5’7″ and Katie used 18 inches and is a little shorter than me.  We both thought the length was perfect.  Just remember however long you want the strips, double that and add one inch for the tie.


Step 5: fold each tulle strip in half and loop it around the elastic band. Alternate the looping by looping on top of band and then behind the band. We used two hot pinks, one light pink, two hot pinks, one pink sparkle and repeat.

Step 6: squish the tulle together and tighten the loops. The more squished the tulle is a) the more poofy the tutu will be ✅ but b) the more strips you will need


Step 7:  take lots of pictures 📸

The total to make both tutus was only $16!! This includes the 50% off all tulle and 40% off the elastic band. It did take us about 5 hours (including dinner and wine) but it was so much fun. And seriously, how cute are these tutus!?

Also, major shout out to Katie who completed her first 5k in style!!

#pinkout4donna 5k @ TPC Sawgrass
I love running with friends with tutus!

DIY but don’t forget to turn off the electric!

This weekend was a super productive weekend! One of those, let’s-finish-that-day-project kind of weekends. So I had my list and headed out to Home Depot early.

Have you ever asked someone if you can help them with something but you say it with teeth grinding? Like you want to seem like you’re being nice but really hoping they say no, thanks anyway? Well I had one of those moments in Home Depot. One of the employees asked me if I needed help in the light area (note: girl starring at a bunch of lights with a sample from home in one hand and a phone in the other searching YouTube always needs help!! 🙂 ) So I said “yes, actually I do….” And went on and on about the light project. My question was followed by “I was going to call someone for you. Dennis can help you. I work in garden and don’t know much about this.” Well then, that was definitely one of those where this sweet lady was probably hoping I would say no, I don’t need help 🙂 But I did appreciate her calling Dennis!

The result, a Hampton Bay Kelso 4-Light Brushed Nickel LED Track Lighting box.


First I had to take down the track lighting that was already up there.  Luckily I started reading the instructions of the new light fixture and it said to turn the electric off at the circuit breaker… so I turned off the air, tv and other unidentified stuff before the lights went out. Can I just say #girlproblems

With my screwdriver in hand, it was down with the old….


and up with the new!


I’m pretty impressed with my work. I mean, the lights worked the first time!   These LED lights save so much energy!  I can touch them when they are on and not get burned!  <— who touches track lighting lights, anyway?

This wasn’t my only project this weekend!  I bought a Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter a long time ago but never put it together.  While at Home Depot (and thinking of that garden lady) I took a trip out to the garden center and consulted with the experts.  The result, my new cherry tomato plant!


Also on the shopping list was spackle!  Time to fill in all those random holes in the walls from old tenants and do some touch up painting!


Emmie really liked the sponge brushes.  I think she thought they were her toys which meant they weren’t safe!  Toys- 0 Emmie – 1

I felt extremely productive this weekend, very homeowner-ish.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get much (ok, any!) studying done this weekend.  So next week should be really fun! 🙂

Did you do any DIY projects this weekend?  What’s on your to-do list that you haven’t been doing for some time?