Tengo un perrito nuevo


Tengo un perrito nuevo!!!!  — I got a new puppy!!!

I got a new puppy about 3 weeks ago now… meet Oliver Bear!  Life with two dogs is all sorts of different.  I’ve heard parents say they have kids who are polar opposites; one is super chill the other active as a bee, one shy and the other sociable, one eats everything the other is super picky… well, dogs are the same as kids!!  <— said no.mom.ever.   🙂

But seriously, I thought being a dog-mom for a second time would pan out to be a lot like the first one.  Boy, was I wrong! Whether you can relate to these from a dog owner perspective, or a parent perspective, being a new “mom” is quite an adventure!

1 – Sleepless Nights

When Emmie was a puppy, she would consistently wake up 2, 3 and even 4 times in the middle of the night to go outside.  I felt like I haven’t had a solid night’s sleep in 18 months (but I love her, I promise!) so I assumed Oliver would be the same.  Oliver’s first night went like this… I frantically woke up every hour thinking he was whining, peeing or destroying something from inside his crate and Oliver slept sound THE ENTIRE NIGHT.   Second night – I frantically woke up again frequently and what did Oliver do, slept through the whole night.  The next week followed suit and to my complete shock, Oliver and Emmie couldn’t be more different when it comes to nighttime. <– I could not be more excited about this!!

2 – Socialization

Oliver LOVES people.  Strangers, family, other dogs, you name it, Oliver is all about them.  He loves to snuggle (with anyone) and doesn’t care if mom is around.  Emmie on the other hand, is a scaredy-cat when it comes to strangers  everything.  If someone knocks on the door and dares to come in, Emmie will let them know she doesn’t want them there  <— free alarm system! Oliver on the other hand, wags his little tail and pounces over to them to greet them with a few licks and bites.  It’s pretty cute until his puppy teeth hurt!

Goldendoodle-puppy-oliver3 – Boys with be boys

Ok so I felt like I had this dog thing down.  I’ve had Emmie for 18 months and I’ve watch friends dogs many times. When I was a youngster my neighborhood friend and I even started a pet sitting business and we rocked it.  I thought having  another dog would be a piece of cake.  It’s definitely easier the second time around but Oliver is a boy and so much different than my sweet Emmie.  There’s not a flip flop in jumping distance Oliver doesn’t try to get and eat.  He is fearless… he leaps in the air when jumping off the couch (<– yes, we are those people) and skips the 2-3 steps when jumping off the porch for the grass.  He loves, loves towels.  Especially after you fold them and place them nicely on the towel rack.  he doesn’t do much with the towel, just likes to pull it down and drag it anywhere it shouldn’t be.  He likes to bring the towels from his crate out to the living room when we are watching tv.  I’ve learned (the hard way) to put my shower towel over the door instead of on the hook outside the door…

Oliver-goldendoodle4 – The dog trains the dog

This is probably the best thing about have two dogs.  Emmie sits for a treat and what do you know, Oliver sits for a treat.  Emmie rings her bell when she needs to go to the bathroom, Oliver rings the bell I want Oliver to ring the bell.  Emmie takes her prevention medicine, Oliver takes his.  Oliver has also taught Emmie a few things as well.  Emmie has learned to play at a puppy level and be gentle with him.  She tolerates his puppy bites and let’s him pounce on her and lay on her when they are tired.  Once of the coolest things about these two is that Emmie is learning from Oliver to be more friendly and welcoming to new people.  She will still bark and stay away but she warms up much quicker now!


Oliver and Emmie are the best of buds.  If you are ever considering getting a dog (think rescue!) I hope you will consider getting a second dog at some point.  Dogs need a companion of their kind.  We didn’t realize how important this was until Oliver showed up and they are more happy, tired and independent than we could have ever imagined.  I had taken Emmie to the premier Jacksonville dog park about once a week, but this wasn’t enough. She would go to day camp at Camp Bow Wow every so often, but that wasn’t enough.  She would have sleepovers with her other 4-legged friends, but that wasn’t enough.  I would take her places and talk to her all the time, but that wasn’t enough.  It wasn’t until Oliver came home that that was enough for Emmie.  She (and I!) couldn’t be happier!

Welcome to the family, Oliver!!