Dessert as a Dip

skinny dip 

Sometimes We just need to accept the fact that eating dessert first, is the best way to eat a meal.   If you can’t eat a slice of cake, cupcake , cookie (or 2) before the main course, then I’ve found an easy solution… make dessert into an appetizer!   

This recipe takes the traditional Pillsbury Funfetti cake batter (aka- best raw batter ever created), and combines it with greek yogurt and cool whip.  The outcome… a yummy dessert dip!

skinny dip ingred

Ingredients:  1 funfetti dry cake mix, 2 single serving sizes of vanilla greek yogurt, 8 oz fat free cool whip, extra sprinkles, nilla wafers or teddy grams.

Directions: In an electric mixer, combine cool whip and yogurt.  Add cake mix.  Once fully combined, add extra sprinkles, saving some for topping.

skinny dip mix2  skinny dip mix

I used both nilla wafers and honey teddy grams.  Personally, I liked the teddy grams better but both complimented the dip perfectly!   The recipe does make A TON of dip.  Make sure you share!  You could also half the recipe and make cupcakes with the extra batter… I will definitely do that next time!

skinny dip dunkers2 skinny dip dunkers

As I’m writing this, the Top Chef Seattle Finale is on.  Congrats Kristen Kish!!  Wow!  I thought I knew what being under tight deadlines and stress what like.  I was SO wrong.  Kristen, Brooke and all the other contestants on Top Chef are incredible!  The food looks absolutely amazing. 

New goal – go to one of the 17 new restaurants that the 10 Top Chef winners have opened since winningDo I see a road trip in my future??

New top favorite TV show (beacuse 1 just isn’t enough) Top Chef.  Hands down.