To be a quarter of a century…

bday cupcakes

I feel old.  Is that bad?  Relatively speaking, 25 is young.  I mean I can just now FINALLY rent a car at a cheaper rate, but I don’t get carded at rated-R movies and the latest music sensations look like children.  Ok, I am old.  But I am owning this year.  I am owning that I’m 25.  That I’ve never been happier.  That I have the best friends and family.  That I found a passion in traveling, running, biking, cooking and blogging. 🙂  I love this life!

For my 25th birthday, I had a small gathering of my friends but wanted to share just a few highlights with you… the food of course!

bday foodThis is the fun yumminess I made/prepared from left to right…

  • Guacamole
  • chili-lime humus from Publix
  • Salsa from Publix
  • s’more cups and carrot cake cupcakes
  • and other yummy snacks

Of course, I can’t forget about the desserts… oh my desserts… I made key lime pie which I have yet to post — seriously — These are so good I keep forgetting to take pictures because I eat them to fast!

bday s'more cups

My friends and family are awesome.  Here are a few pictures that I took…

My step mom and I….bday cassie sally

My best friend, Leah, her mom and I…. bday walkers

My final birthday celebration was dinner at Taco Lu… the BEST Mexican place EVER.  If you live in Jax or are visiting, this is a must go to place!!   The service was wonderful and the food absolutely amazing.  Ok, I might be bias towards Mexican style dishes, or pizza, or desserts, but this is a very very good place!

For dessert, the bartenders sang happy birthday to me when delivering the chocolate churros!  What a great end to a birthday week! 🙂

bday taco lu

25 has started out as the best year ever and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings!  I might be too old for Justin Bieber, but I can definitely enjoy a good glass of wine and great company. 🙂