The Law of Diminishing Returns

hummusRemember Econ 101? The law of diminishing returns states that in all productive processes, adding more of one factor of production, while holding all others constant, will at some point yield lower per-unit returns.
In the world of sugar, flour and chocolate, the more cookies(production) you eat, your satisfaction(return) of the cookies will at some point decrease (I know, how can that be? believe it or not, economists have proven it!)

Saturday morning I dropped my dad off at the airport. When I say morning, I mean before the roosters even crow.  On the way home I took a pitstop at the Y where I did a cycle class, a Pilates class and ran 4 miles along the beautiful St. John’s River. When I say beautiful, I mean it. Seriously, it was such a great run I had to stop and take a picture of my view for you…


When I got home I had a mid-morning snack of raw carrots, broccoli and hummus. I seriously don’t didn’t like raw carrots and hated raw broccoli. Since pairing with classic hummus, I’ve found a new healthy fav snack! Thinking I could finish the entire thing of hummus, I kept eating. Here’s where the law of diminishing returns come in to play!!  As I was getting down towards the bottom of the hummus I thought, these were amazing now they are just good, these were good, now I just don’t want them to go to waste.  ECONOMICS in action!


Anyway, a day later I must say hummus + carrots + broccoli = delicious!

hummus4This week I have the awesome opportunity to doggie sit a friend’s dog! Even though Penny (a cute little Bichon Frise) is excited to get endless back scratches and belly or paw rubs, I’m excited to have a little kitchen helper to test out some new recipes and oven mitts (yes – OMGOSH these are purple cupcakes!!!!) 

When life hands you grapefruit…


When life hands you lemons, you’re supposed to make lemonade.  Well, if life hands you grapefruit (or a laundry basket full), just eat them, or freeze them, or share them, or peel and refrigerate them!  If you don’t like grapefruit you’re missing out.  If you don’t like grapefruit and have a full-grown tree in your backyard, learn to like it! Grapefruits are full of vitamin C and calcium.  For more benefits, click here

Today was the day to cut the grapefruit tree back, remove dead twigs and take down all the fruit that’s left.  There was A LOT of fruit left.  I wonder what I’m having for breakfast the next few days weeks months??

I didn’t bake anything today but did have a delicious breakfast…. consisting of a mini pumpkin cheesecake cup, tall skinny vanilla latte, and catching up on some good reading. 🙂  I love reading at Starbucks.  It makes me feel so studious and sophisticated to  read a novel a sip on my latte (BIG nerd here!)

breakfast coffee

Church this morning was amazing (as usual) and centered around OneHope, a mission driven organization dedicated to sharing God’s word with every child around the world.  It’s so great the best feeling in the world to be a part of a church whose focus is to reach others and share the gospel!!  I. am. blessed.

The weather this afternoon was wonderful!  Mid-sixties with a slight breeze and sunny as can be.  So I decided to go for a run and bring along a little running buddy.  Here’s how the run went:

0.2 miles- bathroom break; 0.5 miles – people break; 1 mile – no reason break; 1.78 mile – refusal to run; 2 miles… <see below>


The run was unsuccessful but I did learn some valuable lessons:

  1. Some dogs are sprinters, others are distance runners.
  2. Puppies get distracted easily.
  3. Don’t forget the poop bags.
  4. Dogs need to train too.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.
  5. Cassie (me) and Tiny (dog) will stop for frozen yogurt and grass, respectively, anytime.

I had a GREAT weekend and now ready to tackle the hectic week that awaits.

Now I’m trying to imagine what I would do if I was in the Super Bowl dome and the lights went out!  What would you do??